At The Napa Barrel Smoker Company we use aged wine stained oak barrels used in the actual production of great California wines and our artisans make handcrafted meat smokers.  No two smokers are the same.  Not only do these beautiful barrels look great in your landscaped backyard we guarantee that the aroma and taste of the slow cooked meat smoking over a smoldering cherry wood chips will be some of the best meat you’ve ever had. 

The weekend. Outdoors. Best friends. Good Food. Nice Wine.... it’s the Napa Wine Country life style in your own backyard.

A seasoned Napa Barrel Meat Smoker is a great addition to your backyard landscape.....the smells are out of this world!  Slap a little rub on a chicken and plug it in and enjoy your weekend.  Slow cooking meats seals in the juices with a crispy smoky flavor on the outside.


Napa Barrel Smokers

Napa Barrel Smokers

Great For Smoking:

  1. -Brisket

  2. -Tri-Tip

  3. -Ribs

  4. -Turkey

  5. -Chicken

  6. -Salmon

  7. -Steak

  8. -Vegetables

Experiment with Different Chip Flavors:

  1. -Mesquite

  2. -Cherry

  3. -Applewood

  4. -Oak

  5. -Alder